Micro-home Building Parties – through July 22

On Saturdays through July 22, from 10am to 4pm, we’re holding micro-home building parties at Camp Second Chance. We have the chance to transform our living area from a tent city into a “Tiny-House Village,” and we need your help to do it. To volunteer for a construction shift, visit our SignUp Genius page.

Here’s a slideshow of our recent construction party, led by Huber’s Custom Building, the company that designed and built the tiny-house “pod” that we’re installing. Click any thumbnail for a full-size slideshow. (Photos by Carol Crews.)

In partnership with Gregory Marks of Right Now Today, we’re raising money to build 50 micro-homes this year! Here’s the announcement for the first project that happened in April, but the project is ongoing through July! Please join us by visiting our SignUp Genius page.