A message from Polly Trout, Executive Director of Patacara Community Services

If you could be with me at camp as we welcome new guests coming in, you would understand why this work is so important, and how much of an impact your gift will make. One elder, sitting on his walker, gazed out at the treeline and said to me, “Young lady, thank you. I had forgotten what it feels like to be in a peaceful place.” Camp Second Chance is a sanctuary of kindness in a world of suffering. We need your participation to do our best possible work. Please give generously today!

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Our contract with the City of Seattle pays 85% of our costs to operate Camp Second Chance. The other 15% – $42,000 in 2017 – must come from you, our supportive community. Your tax-deductible donation pays for: Construction of micro-homes, meals for the residents of the camp, direct assistance to people moving into housing, and vital staff time.


Many of you are already supporting this camp and its residents. Thank you for all you are doing to make our city more compassionate. By donating today, you can help us take an enormous step forward towards our goal of ensuring that every single person in our region has a safe place to sleep where they are treated like a human being, with kindness and respect. We are shifting the paradigm on how encampments are run and how encampment residents are treated. Please join us!

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